book cover for Tangier Tsunami
Cover design: illustration by Jason Atomic; design by Paul Callanan

Tangier Tsunami

Compendium Books 2015
ISBN 10: 1514670224 / ISBN 13: 9781514670224

"The much-anticipated return of a premier agitator and raconteur. An authentic, darkly beautiful gem, both memorable and potent." A.D. Hitchin, author, Consensual, Prince: Purple Reign

"Both as observer and participant, Ambrose writes weirdly mesmerising stories of being an inside-outsider in contemporary Morocco." Diana Adams, photographer

Joe Ambrose's rough and ready short stories are set in, amongst other places, London, Ireland, the Mojave Desert, and the Moroccan city of Tangier. They deal quirkily with the universal themes of sex, death, and money. Ambrose wrote the book in longhand and there were virtually no rewrites other than those undertaken when he was inputting the text into his computer.

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book cover for Chelsea Hotel Manhattan
Cover design: David Kerekes

Chelsea Hotel Manhattan

Headpress 2007
ISBN 10: 1900486601 / ISBN 13: 9781900486606

A raw eulogy to a New York icon

Joe Ambrose stayed at the Chelsea Hotel, home to many famous authors, artists, and outlaws down the years. Andy Warhol shot Chelsea Girls there, and Welsh poet Dylan Thomas died there, having reputedly inspired the young Zimmerman to change his name to Bob Dylan.

Every room at the Chelsea tells its own story - not unlike The Overlook in Stephen King's The Shining. Sid Vicious met his death in one room, an episode recounted in detail by Rockets Redglare.

This is the first factual book on the building and features conversations with William S. Burroughs, Paul Bowles, Gerard Malanga, Victor Bockris, and others.

"Surprisingly intriguing and informative, not just a history of the Chelsea. the dregs of the 60s and 70s and the oft-forgotten punks and geniuses (Gysin to Rockets Redglare) are represented beautifully." Amy Tamola, Goodreads

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book cover for The Violent World Of Moshpit Culture
Cover design: Chris Charlesworth

The Violent World Of Moshpit Culture

Omnibus Press 2001
ISBN 10: 0711987440 / ISBN 13: 9780711987449

The Moshpit - hub of a live music culture that is high on sex and violence... and no stranger to death. For the hardcore fans of groups like Code Orange, Metallica, Rage Against the Machine and Slipknot, the music is only part of the experience. At gigs worldwide fans literally hurl themselves into a pit - the mosh pit. The result is a mass of seething bodies where fierce physical contact provides a brief, exhilarating escape from everyday life. The mosh pit means random sexual encounters as well as haphazard violence... and occasionally, as Joe Ambrose discovers, it can lead to encounters of unexpected tenderness too. Ambrose's extreme travel writing takes the armchair tourist on a trip into a foreign land full of excitement and physical gratification.

"Besides the writer's strong opinion, that you can agree with or not, the details and facts on this book are uncommonly accurate, as far as I can tell from my own experience... ?I enjoyed reading this very much, because it almost felt like being there, throughout the years and in different parts of the world, seeing lots of live performances by bands with mosh pit... Someone should make a playlist to accompany this book... It is educating, challenging, and entertaining. I wish all my friends would read it." Mirella, Goodreads

Signed copies available directly from the author via the contact page

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book cover for Too Much Too Soon
Cover design: Elaine Palmer

Too Much Too Soon

Pulp Fiction 2000
ISBN 10: 1901072142 / ISBN 13: 9781901072143

"Captures the tune of an Ireland gone wrong." Colum McCann, author, Let the Great World Spin

"The murky world Joe Ambrose conjures up of republican terrorism, dope taking, and horrendous murder succeeds because it's mixed with a gentle mocking tone, and a gritty yet fluid dialogue which allow us understand the feelings of his central characters as they are bedded, befuddled or beaten in their world of safe houses, covert meetings, hidden guns, and general student-type carousing.

The tale tells itself easily as Ambrose is comfortable with his background of subterranean rock music, book publishing and a Dublin which is beginning to shed its provincialism and anti-intellectualism. It's a world of plentiful sex without taboo, perhaps, but one of the book's strongest points is its depiction of friendships nurtured at school and continued as Liam, Rory, and an assorted bunch of the confused and the idealistic search for a new world beyond it. Namby-pamby republicans who intend putting away their guns are not the heroes of this book: its sympathy lies with the extremes, the Trotskyites, the rebels on the fringe who eat, drink, and whore together while mammy worries back on the farm. As in all strong writing, there are moments which linger - the visit to the retired priestly headmaster, one to a friend in the Central Mental Hospital, a threesome pleasuring, and violence as a woman friend who has dumped her lover is stalked, enticed back to bed, and viciously attacked. And there is fun, too." Paul Murray, Irish Times

Signed copies available directly from the author via the contact page

book cover for Serious Time
Cover design: Elaine Palmer

Serious Time

Pulp Fiction 1998
ISBN 10: 1900486601 / ISBN 13: 9781900486606

"Joe Ambrose, word guerrilla, pulls his pin and hurls his grenade. Scorching stuff." - Patrick McCabe, author, The Butcher Boy

"A Romantic to his bones, he gets down and dirty with an episodic, discursive novel that's a paean to the drug-fuelled psychosexual excesses of eighties Rave culture and the hip-hop club scene. Arrogance, ennui and motiveless acts of vulgarity rule out redemption. Inexhaustibly nasty and unputdownable." The Guardian

"Beg, steal, borrow or even buy this book." Howard Marks, author, Mr. Nice

"Serious Time, his first published novel... is narrated by Kim, manager of The Subliminal Kids, the lost boys of the late 80's, a bunch of punk runts alienated by the era's glossy pop standards, unable to mutate and survive the imminent dance revolution. The times they were a changing - these Kids... were amongst the last of the skinny-hipped, misogynistic, Stones 'n' Ramones fixated cock-rockers. It's worth bearing in mind that, in the Ireland of the time, Blue In Heaven and The Golden Horde were the only bands remotely interested in urchin, rat-haired rock 'n' roll, and the closest England could muster was The Cult (whose drummer, the late Nigel Preston, was a friend of Joe's, and crops up under his own name alongside The Gun Club's Jeffrey Lee Pierce)... What gives Serious Time the edge is its language. It manages to circumnavigate standard Irish literary allusions and goes for a kind of high octane hybrid of London squat-speak, American rap/metal slang, Beat-speed, and a present-tense amoralism that has drawn comparisons with Brett Easton Ellis." Peter Murphy, Hot Press, author St. John the Revelator

Signed copies available directly from the author via the contact page

book cover for Man from Nowhere
Cover design: Niall Sweeney

Man from Nowhere

Storming the Citadels of Enlightenment With William Burroughs and Brion Gysin

Here to Go Show 1992
ISBN 10: 0952021706 / ISBN 13: 9780952021704

Man from Nowhere was published in a limited edition in 1992 to coincide with an art show, The Here To Go Show, which celebrated the revolutionary artistic achievements of William Burroughs and Brion Gysin. That Show was organised by the three authors credited on Man from Nowhere.

With contributions from Iggy Pop, William Burroughs, John Giorno, Marianne Faithful, Paul Bowles, John Cale, Anne Waldeman and others. Illustrated by photographs and typographic decoration inside and out, the book is now something of a collector's item, selling for up to $400.

Although the book is credited to Joe Ambrose, Terry Wilson, and Frank Rynne, the main text was actually written by Ambrose based on research done by Rynne and hours of conversations that Rynne and Ambrose had with Wilson - who also provided the hundreds of photographs and archival images which liberally illustrate the volume.

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