Kindle/eBook of Tangier Tsunami

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The Kindle/eBook edition of Joe Ambrose's last book, Tangier Tsunami, will be published by Compendium Books on Friday 26th October. This will be available via Barnes and Noble, Amazon. Full details will appear here first.     "The much-anticipated return of a premier agitator and raconteur. An authentic, darkly beautiful gem, both memorable and potent."AD Hitchin, author, Consensual, Prince: Purple Reign     "Both as observer and participant, Ambrose writes weirdly mesmerising stories of being an inside-outsider in contemporary Morocco." Diana Adams, photographer     Joe Ambrose's rough and ready short stories are set in, amongst other places, London, Ireland, the Mojave Desert, and the Moroccan city of Tangier. They deal quirkily with the universal themes of sex, death, and money. Ambrose wrote the book in longhand and there were virtually no rewrites other than those undertaken when he was inputting the text into his computer.

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